We are born and bred from village life but have also lived in and experienced big cities. We gathered a diverse knowledge of the world and have brought that knowledge back home to our countryside traditions, back to Mother Nature. What we take from nature, we give back with gentle care. We are farmers. We are creators, creators of culture, and the cultural landscape. Life is balance. Good wine demands a love for laborious work. Wine is much more than just a drink.

Jaromír Gala is a winemaker and visionary. He oversees both the processes in the vineyard as well as in the cellar. He provides for his family and cares for his animals and leads us forward.

Alžběta Gala takes care of the environment in which our wine is made and of the guests who visit us.

Alžběta Kopecká is right-hand-woman. You can meet her in the vineyard or the cellar.



Pálava; the scent of the south, the dust of limestone roads. The ancient landscape of this protected area is home not only to vines but also to many rare plants and animals. 

Our home is nestled halfway between Brno and Vienna.
White limestones from the remains of ancient warm seas, and sediments of shells and marine organisms from the Mesozoic and Tertiary periods are calcareous soils, which nourish our vines with a unique composition of nutrients, and thus a specific and unmatched expression of salinity in our wine. 

Nature is our past, present, and future.

- Pálava, protected landscape area
- UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
- NATURA 2000



Even before sustainability and healthy ecology became a fad sensation, it had been a clear and the only way for our winery since its establishment in 2007.

Our ancestors, who passed down their passion and love for growing vines to us, called it common sense, and a mutualistic relationship with nature.

Our soil is our foundation, our most important living organism in our process. 
Our soil is vital for healthy vines, and we try to obtain the perfect grape and a high-quality wine as a natural product. Wine lives its own life with us, we try to get in its way as little as possible.

The weather sets the rhythm of our days. We are part of nature. Our goal is to create something permanent and at the same time to change the world. Nature is our inspiration, and in turn, we hope to be a part of recognizing and driving that inspiration for others. 

Every day we are blessed with the gift of life in an environment we only ever dreamed of being possible. What we receive, we give back in full, as best as we can. So that our children could continue the lifestyle in which we find our life's mission.


To place an order please send us an email and we will get in contact with you. We ship our products anywhere in the Czech Republic or you can stop by our winery!


Bavory 158
692 01 Bavory u Mikulova

in the center of the village, behind
the sv. Kateřina church

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Bavory 172
692 01 Bavory u Mikulova

just above the village, in the vineyards,
under the “Stolová hora” mountain

the winery is open for visitors and wine sales by prior arrangement

+420 603 570 013

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